Silva Ultramind Realtor System

Discover How to Ignite Your Real Estate Sales 
using Silva UltraMind as Rocket Fuel


 At Last! You can learn to harness the most powerful part of your mind – the part that unlocks the secret to becoming a SUPER-STAR Realtor who leaves all other Realtors in the dust.

“The greatest discovery you will ever make is the power of your own mind”

• Learn to Solve Problems Like a Genius
• Turn Your Business into a Cash Flow Geyser
• Create Phenomenal Professional Relationships
• Learn how to attract eager buyers
• Learn how to use your spiritual energy effectively
• Unlock the Real Secret to the Law of Attraction

And much more…….

I have created this new seminar for realtors that discloses the secrets of using non-traditional methods that will ignite their sales like a rocket!

During the seminar I am going to show exactly how I sold three of my homes in less than thirty days all by myself. And I am not even a realtor!

Many of my graduates of the Silva UltraMind System training became so excited when I told them about this that they said I just have to teach my secret method to others – especially realtors!

– Sam G. Silva

The seminar is taught in 2 sessions, each 3 hours long, and includes practical and easy-to-learn methods and exercises.

The price of the seminar $597, but since this seminar is just launched, it’s pilot seminar is priced at only $197. Click the button below to see the schedule of upcoming seminars and make your registration as soon as possible. Only 30 participants will be allowed into the first seminar.

Will that be you? Are you ready?