Instructor training

Instructor training

Do you want to be able to help people around you?
Do you want to be able to help people around you?
Do you want to make a positive difference in the world?
Do you want to be a part of world wide Silva UltraMind’s team of instructors?
Do you want a financially rewarding & highly respectable career?

If your answer is, YES, you can become a Silva UltraMind ESP instructor.

In the Silva UltraMind Instructors training you will learn how to…
• Conduct a successful Silva UltraMind ESP class
• Market Silva UltraMind course
• Overcome fear of public speaking forever
• Give presentations in front of groups 

What will you get?
You will receive…
• Silva UltraMind ESP course instructor’s certificate
• Scale of brain evolution chart
• A set of metals
• Alpha & Theta Sound Audios
• On going support
• Listing on in worldwide instructor

Why be a Silva UltraMind Instructor?
Silva UltraMind ESP systems is world’s # 1 mind training system. By becoming a certified Silva UltraMind Instructor, you not only start a highly respectable and financially rewarding career, you are able to make a positive difference in lives of people around.

How do you learn?
The course is over 5 days. On day 1 & 2 you attend the ESP class, thenon next 3 days you will learn ESP systems in depth, how it came aboutand develop skills as a trainer and presenter.

What if you join our team?
You will be part of world wide silva instructors family and get an ongoing support to ensure your success. You will be able to help people to trust themselves, trust their intuition, and trust the decisions they make. If you are interested in helping humanity, this is a great way to do it.

Please contact us for further information.

We sincerely thank all who have taken Silva UltraMind ESP seminar and also those that have joined the Silva UltraMind Systems team as trainers (instructors) to help spread the word and carry on Jose Silva’s mission. We are especially grateful that such highly qualified and dedicated people have chosen to join us in this mission, which was so important to Jose Silva.

We are looking for good, honest, sincere, caring persons to join the family as trainers of SILVA ULTRAMIND ESP SYSTEM COURSE

We are looking for more people who would like to be part of this new movement that is rapidly spreading through the world. We need trainers, promoters, and business managers, so if you want to join the team, please contact us today. Thank you.

Our mission
When Jose Silva launched the Silva UltraMind ESP seminar in 1998, he was so excited and happy that he wanted to promote and disseminate this new course all over the world as soon as possible for people to benefit and make the world a better place to live. Our intention is to follow up on his dream and make it come true by recruiting trainers (instructors) in the U.S. and in all Foreign Countries. Many trainers (instructors) are needed to bring this course to as many people as possible so that they too can learn to help themselves by learning how to trust themselves, trust their intuition, and trust the decisions they make. If you are interested in helping humanity, this is a great way to do it.

1 – Have the desire to practice what you will be preaching.
2 – Have the desire to help your fellow man/woman.
3 – Have the desire to service your future graduates.
4 – Have the desire to build your profession to be beneficial for you and your family.
5 – Be able to attend the Trainers (Instructors) Training Seminar. (These seminars are held in different parts of the U.S. and world several times a year.)