Silva UltraMind ESP System – Home study course



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Learn some of the most profound methods to train your mind to become fluent with so much more that the mind has to offer, like better intuition, clairvoyancy, healing and connection with higher intelligence.

The Silva UltraMind ESP System empowers you to:

  • Use your God given intuition accurately and reliably.
  • Have a reliable method to go into a deep relaxation state.
  • Program your mind effectively with your own statements for success.
  • Connect with higher intelligence who will always guide you in the right direction.
  • Reach and maintain a strong balance within yourself, your inner peace.
  • Prosper in business by being able to make better decisions.
  • Concentrate with total focus and clarity.
  • Become a broadcaster of good vibrations to people around you
    and much more…

This is the Home Study Course version of the Silva Ultramind ESP System seminar, with recordings from an actual live seminar facilitated by Sam Gonzalez Silva.
It is now available for you to enjoy and train at your own speed, in the comfort of your own home.


How would you feel if you ;

  • Feel the intuitive surroundings.
  • Improve you creative insights.
  • Use you psychic ability to improve your life.
  • Become a better clairvoyant.
  • Make better decisions (for health, relationships and business).
  • Improve your way of living.
  • Influence people from a distance.
  • Receive guidance from higher intelligence.
  • Create “good vibes” with anyone you meet.
  • Learn to use psychometry to gather information.
  • Discover your mission in life.
  • Make all your relationships more fulfilling and meaningful.
  • Get and stay healthier longer.
  • Establish instant rapport with anyone you meet.
  • Relieve stress and relax more easily.