About us

About us

The year was 1997, Jose Silva had just passed his 82nd birthday and was sitting in the living room of his home, with his nephew Alex Gonzalez Silva, reminiscing and talking about his accomplishments. With no formal education Jose Silva had managed to affect the lives of millions of people and was a known personality in more than a hundred countries. It was time for him to take a rest. At least that’s what most of us felt, but when Alex mentioned it to him he shook his head and said firmly, “Not yet.”

Surely with all the accolades, awards, recognition, and accomplishment it was enough. But Mr. Silva didn’t think so. He wanted to make sure that people learned how to use their powers of ESP and that included his latest concepts and discoveries, and so he had set up a modern, up to the minute seminar. We all spoke many times after that about the new Silva work  which he called Silva UltraMind ESP System.  He asked Alex if he would help to develop the new course and set up supervisors and trainers throughout the world.   Alex had been a loyal follower of his Uncle, Jose Silva, since childhood and had kept in close touch even during his 22 years of service to the United States in the intelligence department of the Air Force.  Alex said that he would be honored to be involved with the new Silva material.

And so, during the last years of his life, Jose Silva worked out the details of the new seminar and when he had finished, he passed the ownership, via contracts to Alex Gonzalez Silva, Jose Silva Jr., (known generally as Joe Jr.,) and Jose (Pepe) Romero.  Jose Silva himself, taught the first Silva UltraMind ESP System class as well as Silva UltraMind ESP System Instructor Training.  At first the Silva UltraMind ESP System was taught under the umbrella of Silva Internationa,Inc..


To insure the success of his new enterprise Jose Silva Sr., with a transfer of rights to intellectual property contract, initiated on July 29th 1998, transferred and assigned all of his rights in the new system, as well as any and all right, titles and interest owned in and to such copyrighted work by Silva International, Inc. to the Silva UltraMind Systems, LLC and the owners of said  company Alex Gonzalez Silva, Jose Silva Jr., and Jose Luis Romero.

All the legal work of transferring Jose Silva’s interests and copyrights to the new company was finished and Jose was satisfied that the Silva UltraMind ESP System would succeed.   But before Silva UltraMind ESP System really took off, Jose Silva left us.  His death created a big hole in the organization but fortunately he looked into the future and set up the new program so that it would flourish and grow.  In 2009 the Silva UltraMind Systems, LLC was dissolved.  On July 2. 2009, the Transfer of Rights to intellectual Property that Mr. Jose Silva had given to Alex Gonzalez Silva, Jose Silva Jr., and Jose L. Romero was transferred to Jose Silva’s Estate.  On that same date, Jose Silva’s Estate issued a perpetual contract to Alex Gonzalez Silva. to continue operating the way he had since November 2000. In Febrary of 2016, Alex passed away. Since then, his brother Sam Gonzalez Silva, has been rebuilding the company, now under the name of Silva UltraMind International DBA, and holding the torch of delivering Jose Silva’s teachings to the world.


At present Silva UltraMind ESP System is spreading throughout the world and we hope to surpass what has been done thus far. We are here to stay and we will be expanding daily just as Jose Silva dreamed it would happen.


Jose Silva’s new concepts, being taught by our Silva UltraMind ESP System trainers, at Silva UltraMind International, are the authentic methods developed by Jose Silva as his last contribution to helping the world attain that paradise on earth with peace and good will for all that we all hope will come to pass.

Jose Silva

The life of Jose Silva has become one of the world’s all time great success stories. His research led him to uncover the secrets of the human potential – secrets hidden for thousands of years.

Now, his research has changed the world. He is one of the leading researchers in the field of mind development and human potential. Read more…

Sam Gonzalez Silva

Sam Gonzalez, Jose Silva’s Nephew, has been Involved with the Silva Method Since the Early 50’s. As a Youth, Sam Worked in his “Uncle Joe’s” Radio & TV Shop.

He also Participated in Jose Silva’s Research as a Subject on Some of his Projects to Demonstrate the Power of the Human Mind. Read more…