Silva Ultramind

Do you have a desire to expand your potential as a human being and have a stronger impact on the world around you?

Silva Ultramind ESP seminars

Are you ready to dive in and learn some of the most profound methods to train your mind to become fluent with so much more that the mind has to offer, like better intuition, clairvoyancy, healing and connection with higher intelligence. This is the ORIGINAL Silva Ultramind ESP seminar as created and developed by Jose Silva, now delivered to the world by Silva Ultramind International, with highly trained instructors worldwide.

Silva Ultramind ESP Instructor training

Yes, you can learn to become a certified instructor for the Silva Ultramind ESP seminar!

The world needs more people like you to spread the effective methods people can use to help make their lives better every day. You will be able to do live seminars in your own country, but also do worldwide seminars online (via video conferencing, like Zoom). The instructor training includes the main Silva Ultramind ESP seminar, and 3 more days fully packed with more specialised training, and all the training material you need to deliver a great seminar to your students.

Remember, if you want to learn something really well and on a much deeper level, teach it.