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Sam Gonzalez Silva, Jose Silva’s nephew has been involved with the Silva Method since the early 50’s. As a youth, Sam worked in his “Uncle Joe’s” radio and TV shop. He also participated in Jose Silva’s research as a subject on some of his projects to demonstrate the power of the human mind. Through most of his life Sam has applied his own unique approach to using Jose Silva’s techniques to bring out the best in himself and others.

Sam completed his BA in psychology with the U. of Nebraska and his masters program with the U. of N. Colorado in Counseling and Guidance. He served in the U. S. Air Force for twenty-two years as an electronics technician, working on navigational systems and computers. Upon his retirement from the Air Force on October 1978, he started his new career with Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health in Las Vegas.

In his new venture, he performed duties as a mental health tech, outpatient counselor, inpatient counselor, director of day program, administrator to inpatient, director of psychological services for the detention centers, director of crisis services, director of case management and prior to his retirement from state service in October 2004, as director of community services. He has been a Domestic Violence counselor for Safe Nest for the past five years.

Sam has been a lecturer for Jose Silva’s seminars since August 1980.

Now you can study with this unique individual and let him tell you how to use Jose Silva’s techniques to achieve your goals, improve your personal and business relationships, develop a positive attitude and how you can improve your health and help others.

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