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The original 
Silva Ultramind ESP System

Are you ready learn some of the most profound methods to train your mind to become fluent with so much more that the mind has to offer, like better intuition, clairvoyancy, healing and connection with higher intelligence. This is the ORIGINAL Silva Ultramind ESP System seminar as created and developed by Jose Silva himself, now delivered to the world by Silva UltraMind International, with highly trained instructors worldwide.

Jose Silva

The greatest discovery you'll ever make,
is the potential of your own mind.

The Silva UltraMind ESP System empowers you to:

  • Use your God given intuition accurately and reliably.
  • Have a reliable method to go into a deep relaxation state.
  • Program your mind effectively with your own statements for success.
  • Connect with higher intelligence who will always guide you in the right direction.
  • Reach and maintain a strong balance within yourself, your inner peace.
  • Prosper in business by being able to make better decisions.
  • Concentrate with total focus and clarity.
  • Become a broadcaster of good vibrations to people around you
     and much more...

Are you a natural psychic…and don’t know it? 

You probably are.
To find out, take this simple test:

1. Have you ever done this perhaps when you were young: Get together with a group of friends and stare at somebody to get them to turn and look at you... and they did?
2. Have you ever felt somebody staring at you?
3. Have you ever had a pre-cognitive dream... you dreamed of something and the next day, or a few days later, it happened?
4. Have you ever had a dream that contained information that you could use to make a better decision?
5. Have you ever heard the phone ring and know intuitively who was calling?
6. Have you ever thought about somebody you haven't heard from in a while... and then received a call or a letter from them?

These are all natural phenomena that most people have experienced, and you probably have too. Imagine if you could take control of this "psychic" ability! Imagine how it could help you in your health, relationships... your family... business...
Imagine if you could use this ability to discover your real purpose in life... and get the guidance you need to fulfill your purpose successfully... ... you can, by attending Silva UltraMind ESP System seminar. 

Silva Method vs SilvaUltramind ESP

The Silva Method (The Silva Mind Control Method) was Jose Silva’s “Original” mind training system. Established in 1964, Jose Silva originally intended his program to develop ESP capabilities.

Due to society’s refusal to accept ESP or Mind Control related ideas at that time, Jose began to alter his training techniques to become more socially acceptable.  Jose modified his program with changes in verbiage and focused on teaching self-improvement techniques.

Today, The Silva Method is globally known, and has touched over 6 million lives in over 100 countries.

Silva UltraMind ESP System

The Silva UltraMind ESP System was Jose Silva’s later work.  The culmination of over 40 years of research and development by Jose led to its release in 1997. Developing a higher self-awareness to help humanity was Jose Silva’s lifetime goal.

The Silva UltraMind ESP course focuses specifically on ESP, incorporating techniques for development of intuition and a connection with higher intelligence.Enter your text here...

The Silva UltraMind ESP System works great with other systems as well. 

Whether you are doing other kind of meditation systems, self-hypnosis, healing, goal-setting or various kinds of therapy, by yourself or working with other people, it has often shown to be working even better when you add the methods you learn and begin to practice from the Silva UltraMind ESP system.

This is also ideal for coaches, therapists, trainers, teachers, entrepreneurs and professionals to build a stronger vibration of inner balance and intuition (and so much more) to help you be even better in your work or in your practice.

Silva UltraMind ESP System Instructor training

Yes, you can become a certified instructor for the Silva Ultramind ESP System seminar.
The world needs more people like you to spread the effective methods people can use to help make their lives better every day. You will be able to do live seminars in your own country, but also do worldwide seminars online (via video conferencing, like Zoom). The instructor training includes the main Silva Ultramind ESP System seminar, and 3 more days fully packed with more specialised training, and all the training material you need to deliver a great seminar to your students. And remember, if you want to learn something really well and on a much deeper level, teach it.
Click here for more information about instructor training.

Imagine how your life can be with higher self-awareness