Alex Gonzalez Silva

Alex G. SilvaAlejandro (Alex) Gonzalez Silva
- Director

Alex is the first nephew of Jose Silva, founder of Silva Mind Control (Silva Method). He is one of the sons of Josefina, Jose's only sister. Alex was occasionally involved in Jose Silva's pioneering research into the mind and human potential. Alex joined the U.S. Air Force in 1955, and served as an intelligence specialist. In 1976, after serving 22 years in the U.S. Air Force with honors, he retired so that he could return to Laredo as Administrator, General Manager, and Senior Vice President of Silva Mind Control International, Inc. The implementation of his business knowledge, expansion and teaching ideas contributed greatly to the success and growth of Mr. Silva's world wide company. In addition to managing the company for 25 years, he traveled extensively around the world with Jose Silva, teaching people to use their ESP. While at Silva International he performed in different capacities including Director of U.S., Director of Foreign Countries, and Director of Instructor Training. He also taught both the Basic and Advance Silva courses, as well as Holistic Faith Healing Seminars. In addition he co-taught the original 10 day Silva Ultimate Seminar with Jose Silva. His subject knowledge, down to earth manner and great sense of humor makes Alex a popular, well-liked presenter. Alex and his brother Sam who lives in Las Vegas are the only members of the Silva family who are still teaching Jose Silva's authentic courses. After 25 years with Silva International, Alex has followed Jose Silva's footsteps in helping humanity, as part owner of the new company, Silva UltraMind System, LLC. This company presented the last course that Jose Silva developed before his passing. The courses name is Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System. Alex is a graduate of all the Silva courses and holds a B.B.A. degree.

Alex G. Silva was part owner and director of Silva Ultramind Systems, LLC.  He has trained many instructors which at present are teaching “Silva UltraMind ESP System” seminars all over the U.S. and in many foreign countries.  He not only trains instructors to teach both of the courses that are presented but also is a great lecturer.

In 2009, Alex received a Perpetual License Agreement from Jose Silva’s Estate to keep on working himself and his instructors as hard as they have since 2000 in presenting “Silva UltraMind ESP System”.