2008 Graduate Testimonials

Comments From Silva Graduates  

Silva Ultramind ESP System Testimonials

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I would like to say a hugh Thank you for the great

understanding of how we can make changes to a

 better path in life. This course was very


  Dee. Rockingham

  I did not think that at the end of one weekend I

would be able to see another person while in alpha

that I didn’t even know. I amgobsmacked and can’t

wait for my 50th health case as we are told we can

only improve with practice.

Julie Revell. Melbourne


Thanking you for bringing Silva to us to open the

door to our higher self, to higher intelligence and to

show us an easier way to reach our alpha state.

The structure of the course was easy to follow and


Jenny Wood. Mt Nasura


It’s the best thing since sliced bread, it has already

begun to change my way of living, I can now see and

hear all of the big picture, thank you, the best is yet

to come.

Janet Beynon. Mandurah


 Thank you for the chance to do the course again, I

had great success with it the first time round but got

a lot more out of it this time; reinforcing what

I hadn't taken in the first time round.

We covered so much in a short amount of time.

Thank you for everything you taught us, we will see

each other again.

Glenesse. Mandurah


Very enjoyable and enlightening course. Lots of self-

work now needed to consolidate.

Vera Irurita. Shoalwater Bay


I thoroughly enjoyed this course, I found it

enlightening and has given me more confidence. I

find it easier to go to level and the course has

 changed my spiritual path.


Although I have expe
rienced and participated in

most of these activities in one way or another the

concentrated friendly and loving application and

responses help develop the confidence to go further.

Ray. Palm Beach



Thank you for your encouragement and help. The

course is very extensive and challenging and once

again I will leave exhausted.

Keith Climpson Mandurah


I enjoyed the course first time around as it opened

me up to a different perspective on things in my life,

I have enjoyed the repeat session as much as the

first as I have learnt so much more.

Marie Sifandos. Spearwood